Live Performance
- Dublin Castle, 30.9.21

– for live solo Cello
and recorded parts

Inferno is my first solo album for cello and is a musical interpretation of first part of Dante’s Divine Comedy, Inferno. In the poem Dante is lead on a tour of Hell by the poet Virgil where he witnesses the sins of humanity, in all of it’s forms, being brought to justice through wild and creative punishments.

Dante’s vision of Hell is divided into concentric rings that descend deep into the Earth. At each ring a different sin is punished; the greater the sin, the deeper the ring, the deepest of which holds Lucifer at the centre of the Earth, the farthest one can be from Heaven.

All in all Dante visits twenty-eight distinct locations and I have tried to represent them all through music. Some are thematically linked, some stand alone, some paint a sonic landscape or mood, while others follow the drama of the text. As Dante invites the reader of his text to join him on his pilgrimage so too, I hope, does my music invite the listener on a journey.

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